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Bab Al Yemen restaurant invites you to experience the enchanting flavors of ancient times and the joy of the present. We follow the oldest culinary traditions that go back thousands of years, inspired by the rich gastronomic heritage of Yemen—a legacy that has endured through time.

We are committed to offering our valued guests the best of tradition and authenticity in every dish, taking you on a journey not only through taste but also through our architectural atmosphere—a gateway to a nostalgic trip across thousands of years of Yemeni history.

Enjoy Your Meal At Our Restaurant

Our Restaurant

We assure you that you will have the greatest time because it’s the best place to gather with your family or friends and have a wide variety of Yemeni and international dishes made from fresh and premium ingredients by the hands of our artistic chefs.

Once you step inside, you will be taken for a journey through the authentic Yemeni culture….. from the architecture to the songs alongside with the generous dishes which reflects the generosity in Yemen and not to mention the delicious red tea that will always be there to add the nice taste….. A taste that you will never forget.

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